Urgent Care Services Morton Grove

Morton Grove Immediate care provides urgent care treatment for a wide variety illness and injuries. From strain muscles to allergies and sore throats to sprained ankles, our urgent care centers are committed to treat for your quick recovery. Kids ranging from 12 months, to adults of all ages, with or without insurance, can visit our urgent care clinic for any minor emergency need. Our staffs are highly efficient in delivering fast and effective care to patients in a comfortable environment.

Our commitment to find a way for your betterment by treating different injuries and illness are listed here.


Strains Scrapes Cuts
Sprains Bites Puncture wounds
Breaks Burns Ingrown toe nails


Allergies Allergies Sinus Infection
Asthma Ear/Eye Infections Sore throats
Abscesses Fever Stomach pain
Bronchitis Food poisoning Urinary Tract Infections
Cedar fever Flu Vomiting
Colds Headaches Yeast Infection
Constipation Heartburn X-Rays
Coughs Pink eye
Dehydration Poison Ivy/Poison Oak

Other Services

Digital x-rays Lab tests STD tests Primary Care
Sports and school physicals Drug tests Pregnancy tests
Splinting PPD/TB skin test Hepatitis C tests


Meningitis Vaccine Hepatitis A
Flu shots Pneumonia
Pertussis/Whooping Cough Hepatitis B
Tetanus Polio

If you’ve any minor or non life threatening injuries or illnesses and need treatment, you’re welcome at our urgent care clinic at any day of the week from 9 A.M to 9 P.M on Monday to Friday and 10 A.M to 6 P.M on Saturday and Sunday. We accept both the patients paying with insurance or non insurance.